new Mormon research journal: The Journal of Latter-day Saint Missiology

The Journal of Latter-day Saint Missiology is a free peer reviewed online journal which will be e-published biannually starting in December 2008 with the purpose of promoting original missiology research and to foster scholarly discussion and critical practical analysis from a variety of perspectives. Topics covered will include growth, retention, internationalization, member-missionary work, policy, and other practical matters related to LDS missionary work.

I am soliciting relevant original articles for e-publication. Articles should be prepared in standard scholarly format and should range from 4,000-12,000 words. I will pay a $500 stipend to the author of any article accepted for publication, with an additional $500 prize ($1000 total) awarded to the author of the best article in each issue.

Research grants of up to $2,000 will be offered for qualifying original missiology research projects which can demonstrate a need for additional funding, with half paid in advance and half paid upon receipt of a final manuscript. Four grants are available per year.

If you are interested in being a peer reviewer, please let me know.

Please contact the editor below if you are interested in submitting and article or for any additional information.

David Stewart
Cumorah Foundation

update 7-10-2008: the journal now has a website: