Q: Is there a support group for Mormon incest survivors?

A: Unfortunately, we are not the best group to contact for information on this as we deal less with the psychotherapeutic aspects of Mormonism than with the sociological aspects of Mormon life.  Nonetheless, based upon our contacts we came up with several sources that may provide additional information.

First would be LDS Family Services.  They do not provide any information specifically concerning incest, but they do have information about child abuse:


Their site doesn’t provide email contact information, but there are locations in most of the 50 states and they may have additional information for you.

The majority of the sites and groups that were mentioned by the members of the MSSA deal primarily with polygamy, though some deal with incest resulting from polygamous marriages:


Finally, there are a number of non-LDS related resources that offer support:


Another individual recommended the following text for survivors of incest:
Toxic Parents : Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life by Susan Forward

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