Version 1 of Updated Mormon Social Science Bibliography

  1. The bibliography is available in several electronic formats: EndNote bibliography format (requires EndNote 9 to open; this is zipped and has instructions inside it), a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, an rtf file (viewable in any word processor; this is also zipped), an Adobe pdf file, and a RIS file. These files can be freely viewed or downloaded by anyone on the internet.
  2. When deciding whether or not to add a work, we asked ourselves if a social scientist studying Mormonism might find the work helpful. This criterion implies that many works included are not social science strictly defined, yet it is hoped that it makes the bibliography useful for a wider social scientific audience. We have, however, restricted ourselves to published works.
  3. The database uses the same classifications as in Armand’s bibliography under the field name “Label” in the EndNote and Excel files.
  4. We hope that the MSSA will formally assume responsibility for maintaining and updating the database. In practice, this means a single person (i.e., Mike for now) will be responsible for entering and updating references.
  5. The database has some errors, some worse than others. For example, a bad error is that for chapters in edited volumes, the editors appear as authors and the book titles do not appear. This apparently occurred during our change from one bibliography software to another. Please notify us as you identify other errors. It will take some time to correct all of these errors.
  6. The database almost surely omits works that should be included (we especially apologize if we omitted one of your works!). We appreciate and need help identifying such works. Please email any references for inclusion to Mike (mcbride [at] uci [dot] edu) or go to the MSSA website and type that reference as an electronic comment under the bibliography post.
  7. How frequently this database will be updated is not yet determined but probably at least annually.

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