Mormon Social Science Association One-day Conference, Utah Tech University, April 15, 2023

Campus building Utah Tech University

Revived after several years of pandemic-related hiatus, our One-Day MSSA conference is hosted by Dr. Nancy Ross of Utah Tech University. The event takes place on the Utah Tech campus, in the College of Education building (COE), Room 121, on April 15th, 2023 in St. George, Utah.

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10:00 AM  Mormonism, Gender, and Power: Considering New Frontiers, Spaces, and Frameworks

“Understanding Spousal Power in Latter-day Saint Marriages”

“LDS Women in Interfaith Spaces”

“Researching Global Mormon Women: Reflections on Ethics, Methods, and Challenges”

1:00 PM Studies with Interviews

“The Hymns of Kolob: Affective Secularism and Entheogenic Spirituality”

“Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints accepting a transgender or gender diverse (TGD) child”

“Secret Combinations: Unique Formations within Mormon QAnon”

2:15 PM Material Culture and History

“Heterotopian Sacroscape: Cemeteries in Short Creek and Centennial Park”

“Conceptualizing Emigrant Motives Of British Latter-day Saints, 1840-60”

“Garments and Secrecy”